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Fire protection for the City of Pontiac, Illinois can be traced back, in some form or another, to June 18, 1865, with the creation of a fire prevention program charged with the inspection of chimneys and flues. Between 1865 and 1874, the department purchased equipment and used volunteer members to respond to local conflagrations and emergencies. During this period, the department was reorganized several times. On June 26, 1874, a hose company was formed, later to be know as the Clark Hose Company. This hose company has protected the city of Pontiac to some extent ever since. On July 1, 1894 the hose company was dissolved and the first Fire Chief was appointed for the department. This was the birth of the modern fire department and with it, the Clark Hose Company assumed a supportive role as the firefighters association. Today the City of Pontiac Fire Department responds to over 1,500 calls per year, and is served by 13 full-time members and 12 paid-on-call members.